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Visualise and Achieve your Greatest Life


What is Vision Video?

Vision Video takes a mundane vision board and turns it into an engaging digital video vision board ideal for your mobile phone, brimming with uplifting affirmations, inspiring visuals, and motivating music.

Using the tried and tested Joe Dispenza method.  These powerful videos are designed to bring you into 'alpha' state - the perfect brain state for manifesting your best life!

Empower yourself to attain your objectives with the help of Vision Video. These concise videos are crafted to elevate your mental state into a high-performance 'manifesting' mode, all within a few enjoyable minutes morning and night.

Below you will find a link to the Vision Video available within our online store.  However, we offer a bespoke service to create you a Vision Video tailor made to your own manifestation desires.  Please enquire with us if you would like to discuss further.

How does Vision Video work in helping us manifest our best lives?

The Drake Michigan 'Vision Video’' system is a powerful tool for individuals seeking to manifest their desires through the Law of Attraction.


This innovative system operates by harnessing the principles of visualisation, positive affirmation and meditation taking your mind into 'alpha' state, which is the perfect place for your mind to be when manifesting your dreams.

Within our online store, we offer a version for only £19.99, which you can download onto your phone and start your daily affirmations.

However, the real power is when a video is tailor made to your own personal dreams and desires. 


So, after a short consultation with the Drake Michigan team, we will create a unique video, perfectly crafted to aid you on your manifestation journey.

So what is a 'Vision Video'?


I want to book a consultation and manifest my dreams with the bespoke
Vision Video. 

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What is so important in being in 'Alpha State'?

Being in an alpha state is often associated with the practice of manifesting or using the Law of Attraction effectively because it offers a relaxed and receptive mental state that can be conducive to the manifestation process. Here's why the alpha state is considered advantageous for manifesting:

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