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Drake Michigan | Mindset Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a cost to use the platform?
    The Drake Michigan platform is free to use, you simply just need to become a member. We may add courses in the future which may incur a small fee, but our plan is to make the content as accessible for all. We do recommend certain individuals and services that are separate to the Drake Michigan platform, and they carry their own prices of which you need to discuss with them.
  • Can I be a guest on your podcast?
    We are always on the look out for inspiring individuals to join us on our show. We all have a great story to tell, so feel free to either email us or use the booking form.
  • Can I hire your podcast studio?
    Yes, absolutely. Head over to the booking form on the website and there are options there to hire Tartaria Studios.
  • Can I advertise my products and services on the Drake Michigan platform?
    We are happy to chat to you about your products and services, we need to be very selective on what we recommend to our members and guests but we are always on the look out for products and services that will benefit humankind.
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