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a personal journey to help others


Spirit Energy

From mystical scepticism to spiritual acceptance this book acts as a guide map through every stage of my awakening.

A personal blueprint that serves to address the realistic reality and power of the universal energy that runs not only around us but through us.

A Personal Journey to Help Others

This book walks you through one man's remarkable spiritual journey of awakening. 

This non-fictional story highlights the misconceptions and the unfortunate truths displayed by others while un-equivalently providing life after death validations and truth surrounding the psychic phenomenon. Understanding the fact that everything is energy really helps to understand psychic work, spiritual communication, higher self, spirit guides and the law of attraction. Tapping into this energy has allowed me the extraordinary ability to watch and feel and then convey current, past and future information to clients. Mind-blowing proof beyond all doubt from the spirit world of their continued life far beyond this physical realm. Outlining astonishing accuracy and detail of information that could not possibly have been discovered by any other means.

The importance of your thoughts and actions will take on a whole new level of awareness. The understanding of how your past vibrations are affecting your life today and how the emotions you give out today will be creating your life of tomorrow. The understanding and ability to live a life of health, wealth and happiness are contained within these pages. And the author and his team will be waiting to support you every step of the way.

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