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Welcome to the brand new Drake Michigan website

Those returning may be asking, but you just built one?

So, welcome to our brand new Drake Michigan website. The ones returning to us, may just be wondering why a change so fast, after we actually launched the Drake Michigan project only in January of this year.

Well , the simple answer is...we've already outgrown our first website!

How have you outgrown the website so quickly?

We have spent the opening few months of the Drake Michigan project, creating the best content possible on our YouTube, Rumble & Spotify channels.

But our plan is very ambitious for Drake Michigan, and we have realised very quickly that we need a solid, stable and dynamic website to keep up with our plans.

So, with this new launch, straight away we are confident that you as a guest to the Drake Michigan platform, you will be able to become a member and access the full VIP treatment with material that will not be released but will be invaluable in your growth to become the full potential that is you.

Our ambitions

Our plans are to not only create a hub for you to grow into your best version of yourself, while enjoying your spiritual adventure, but also to be able to communicate one another as we build a network of conscious individuals to help raise the vibration for humanity.

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