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Unlocking the Veil: The Mind-Blowing Realm of Mediumship

The Practice of Mediumship

In a world that constantly seeks rational explanations, there exists a captivating domain that defies logic and challenges our understanding of reality. Mediumship, the practice of communicating with spirits, has enthralled and mystified individuals throughout history. While skeptics dismiss it as mere trickery, the experiences and testimonials of countless individuals suggest that there is more to this ancient art than meets the eye. Prepare to embark on a mind-blowing journey as we explore the enigmatic world of mediumship.


1. The Threshold of Two Worlds:

Mediumship serves as a conduit between the material realm and the ethereal plane. It unveils the possibility that life continues beyond the physical body, providing a glimpse into the afterlife. Mediums, gifted individuals with heightened perception, tap into their psychic abilities to connect with spirits. This connection often offers solace, closure, and profound insight to both the living and the departed.

2. Communicating Across Dimensions:

Mediums possess a unique ability to communicate with spirits using various techniques. From clairvoyance (seeing spirits) and clairaudience (hearing spirits) to clairsentience (feeling spirits' presence), they employ their extraordinary senses to interpret messages from the other side. The messages received can range from personal guidance and spiritual teachings to validation of an afterlife.


3. Healing the Grief-Stricken Soul:

One of the most astonishing aspects of mediumship is its potential to provide solace and healing to those who have lost loved ones. The ability to connect with departed friends or family members can bring closure, comfort, and reassurance. Mediums often convey highly specific details, such as shared memories or meaningful objects, that serve as proof of continued existence and offer a sense of profound connection.

4. Unveiling Hidden Truths:

Mediumship not only provides solace but also has the power to unveil hidden truths and unresolved mysteries. Throughout history, mediums have assisted in solving cold cases, shedding light on unsolved crimes, and bringing justice to victims. By accessing information that lies beyond our physical reach, these gifted individuals bridge the gap between the seen and unseen, offering invaluable insights into unresolved questions.

5. Expanding Consciousness:

Mediumship challenges our conventional understanding of reality and expands our consciousness. It reminds us that we are more than mere physical beings, encouraging us to explore the depths of our own spirituality. By embracing the idea that we are part of a greater cosmic tapestry, we begin to question the limitations of our senses and consider the existence of alternate dimensions.

6. The Science of Mediumship:

Despite its ethereal nature, mediumship has attracted the attention of scientists and researchers. Ongoing studies aim to unravel the mechanisms behind mediumistic abilities, seeking to bridge the gap between spirituality and science. Exploring the brain's potential, the concept of collective consciousness, and quantum theories, scientists delve into the realm of mediumship to uncover its secrets and validate its legitimacy.


Mediumship is an awe-inspiring practice that challenges our understanding of reality, offering glimpses into a realm beyond our physical senses. Whether one approaches it with skepticism or an open mind, the experiences and testimonies shared by individuals who have encountered mediums cannot be easily dismissed. Mediumship has the power to bring solace, healing, and profound insights into our lives, transcending the boundaries of the physical world. It invites us to question, explore, and embrace the enigmatic mysteries that lie beyond the veil, expanding our perception of what it means to be human.


The following is a chapter from the book Spirit energy that a client wrote after their visit to Drake Michigan’s very own Kev.

Chapter 19 In Memory of Ella Louise

This chapter was composed from the thoughts, memories and view of a couple that came to see me in their darkest days:

On our first meeting with Kevin in his shop, what I instinctively remember and instantly liked was the fact all he asked for was my first name to make a booking. He explained that we could talk afterwards if needed. I told him my name, which is Paul, and as he filled in a scheduled time and date in the diary he began to explain that he sensed and felt a little boy at the side of me holding my leg. He said it felt as if the boy would be about five years of age. That was the first shock as my son died during labor exactly five years before. I was a little taken aback and left the shop booked in for the next week and with just my first name given.

On the day of the appointment, probably because of what I had told her, my wife decided she would come along with me. Little to Kevin’s knowledge but between us both we had spent over one thousand five hundred pounds in a very short period of time going to see various psychic mediums because we had lost our daughter in 2006. When we arrived he said he needed five mins to himself before we went in, just to get ready. Then as me and my wife went into his room, he asked instantly who Margaret W was. As we took our seats, I explained to him that it was my wife, my wife said at the same time, “That’s me. That’s my name.” “Your mum’s here,” he said. My wife’s mum had passed away two weeks after my wife was born and was probably one of the last people we expected to be mentioned especially so quickly.

Kevin explained how her mum had passed away even grabbing his leg while talking about a blood clot. My wife’s mum passed away from deep vein thrombosis in her leg and then Kevin gave Margaret a private message from her mum to her. I was happy for my wife and things in general that Kevin said would happen - happened right down to a person knocking on my door that would lead to a new job. Everything came true. The reading came to an end but I have to confess I was not happy fully as I wanted our daughter to come through and because she did not, it made everything else that was said that day not so important.

As we were leaving, Kevin stopped us. He knew there was something missing and said as much. He explained that he could only tell us what he was getting and that he had no control over what comes through in a reading, but he then asked if we would return for a second reading. I asked why and he could not say exactly, just that he felt something was not right and that he felt like there was more to tell us. We left without explaining anything to him about our loss.

The day of our second reading we got to the shop and he asked us to go straight into his room saying he had a message from spirit for us. We sat down and he wrote the name Ella and “two years” and asked, “Does that mean anything to you?” He said he’d had a little girl come through who had been bothering him all that week since we left. “Yes, yes,” we replied. “That is our daughter. She was twenty-two months old when she gained her wings. Her name is Ella Louise.” He then began to tell us about a letter that I had personally put in her coffin. “She loves it,” he said and began to tell us word for word what it said. I looked at my wife in disbelief. He then said that our little girl was aware of her mum’s prayers for her and repeated word for word my wife’s prayer that she says every night to Ella. He went on to tell us how God is looking after her and explained what was in her coffin and where her favourite place was in the whole world, which was Nanna Sue’s. He even told us she is visiting us regularly and still plays with her nan’s dog who she loves. He then also told us the songs that were played at her funeral and even told us what song we sang to her at bedtime routine which was Barney’s “I Love You.” When the reading came to an end we couldn’t have been any more grateful to Kevin.

We had searched and visited so many mediums for that connection. Despite our best efforts, he then wouldn't even take any money from us. He could see how much it meant to us both that our baby girl had come through and told us to donate any money to the first charity box we saw, which we did. This reading and the level of validation that Kevin gave us that day was the closure we both needed. Knowing our child was okay, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted and like we could move on with our lives. We can only thank Kevin for that reading and be eternally grateful to him.

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