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Health, Fitness, Work and Lifestyle Blog (part 7)

Current details:

Age: 45

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 16.7 stone/lbs.

Daily: Meditation, Affirmations & Visualisations:

The new meditation music that Critch has been adding to our YouTube channel has been very relaxing. My visualisations this week have been predominantly on the new studio room and also new contracts of work for my business and financial abundance to flow into my life from unexpected sources.


Inhalers, Laprozol, Nail treatment lotion, B1, apple cider, turmeric & black pepper.

I have used the nail treatment lotion again this week which is a daily application after a shower. I have been eating two apple cider gummies every morning along with a turmeric and black pepper capsule and then taking a B1 supplement every evening. I have not needed the ant-acid or the inhalers.


I have been eating lots of fish this week, sardines, salmon, king prawns, mackerel. Throw in a few rump steaks and loads of eggs and that has predominantly been my food menu this last week. I have been cooking in olive oil so I can get my intake of that also. I did enjoy a few chips or hash browns with my fish or steak. I have still been doing the liver flush of blueberries, kale, water and Kefir (bio-gut health milk)

Current condition, thinking, work & lifestyle:

Overall I feel really well. An interesting thing that was noticed by my partner this week was when she asked if I’ve not been having as many headaches as she noticed I have not been taking as many paracetamol lately. I had not given this any thought but she is correct (like she normally is) not only has my mind felt clearer and less foggy I have not been waking up with slight headaches which I always used too. I have noticed when I wake in the morning I’m ready to get straight up, no need to close my eyes and feel like I have not gotten enough sleep, there is energy there straight away. The scales are still going in the right direction not by much but I think this is because of my food portion sizes. This last week I did add a few carbs in the way of hash browns or fries to my plate and also I have ate way bigger portion sizes than normal, I think I have been feeling really hungry and as I want to keep to the foods I have been eating what I have done to compensate is just add more of that on the plate. I have also been eating a few protein bars while at work which may not have helped but I’m still cutting out as much sugar as I can, my brews are always with honey and I have not missed the sugar.

I have been doing a few weights each day, nothing major just the dumbbells at the side of my bed and mainly for my arms. I have also started walking around the car park a few times this week about ten laps but I know I will need to start doing more and regular exercise so that I can see some better results in the diet and weight loss area.

The Drake Michigan project:

Lots happening in this area in terms of productivity, Critch seems to be overloaded with more and more to do each week. We have introduced news with-in the news including exclusive interviews with some well known guests. We have had the weekly podcast which created a lot of attention from a new base of people this week. Carly has joined the team and started to post on the social media platforms and we will be having a good catch up and chat with her this week as she outlines her plans for a new show that is to be introduced on the Drake Michigan platform. We also have Andy Barlow coming in this week to discuss how we create something and offer his services to people. We have also introduced Michigan mouth which is a recording and live show with Critch and myself just having a general chat about anything and everything. On top of this we already have the motivation Monday’s, the classics, unlocking consciousness and of course this blog and probably more besides. All this means extra filming and then extra editing for poor Critch, he does love it but as we continue to build there is only so much you can get done on your own and the download speed does not help so a few things for us to bear in mind going forward. And going forward we are well underway now with the construction of the new studio room. The room has been emptied and stripped back, new floor and sound installation has been installed, the walls have been battened out, installation and first fix electrics have been installed and the plaster boarding has also begun so all being well a few more weeks and we will be filming from the new studio room. Once the new studio is complete this will allow us to reach out and even advertise to people the opportunity for them to do their own promotional material and videos for their own business and platforms. Lots for us to think about and it could really benefit others while at the same time may open up doors for a potential income to support our own project. We do seem to be attracting and lining up some great guests with completely different topics and subjects for the podcast which is fantastic and can only be good to attract a wide range of listeners and subscribers.

Personal Thinking & Work:

It's hard to say what I've been thinking and feeling this week, in short probably not a lot, work has just been ticking over, on one hand there are no dramas to report but on the other not a lot seems to have been done either. Unfortunately what I class as a good day's work, time and effort is not necessarily what people of today think and produce. I know people will never work as hard for others as they would for themselves and this is probably one of the main reasons people work for others instead of themselves. The same with money what I think people deserve in relation to what is done is nowhere near, I think my own perception and background conflicts this thinking a lot, for me you always did eight to twelve hour shifts of actual work, there was none of this standing around talking on phones and with each other, turning in late, finishing early, popping out for this break and that break and it seems the attention to detail and care has been lost, it’s all to easy and lazy these days and that's what is reflected in society as a whole. All by design I may add, weak people create hard times and that is what is coming for many people and then they will moan and not understand why and then blame everyone else, it's the way it always is if you look back over the last few hundred years.

Spiritual stuff:

Nothing to report in this area, all is quiet. I did ask a few questions this week while having a quiet moment about things like the earth and our history, but there was no reply, no visions, nothing so not sure what to make of that. I thought something may have happened when we had our podcast guest on Kevin Morris but nothing although we were limited for time and we did not get a chance to do anything.

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