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Health, Fitness, Work and Lifestyle Blog (part 6)

Current details:

Age: 45

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 16.8 stone/lbs.

Daily: Meditation, Affirmations & Visualisations:

I have continued with all of these this week to some extent. I have been playing the new meditation music that we released on the Drake Michigan YouTube channel which has been very relaxing.

Medication: Inhalers, Laprozol, Nail treatment lotion, nasal sprays.

I’ve only used the nail treatment this week which is a daily application after a shower. I have not needed anything else.

Food: Wow this is where a big change is happening, I am starting to try new stuff and the flavours in the mouth have been fantastic. I have continued daily with the Liver flush (see blog six). I am eating more fruit than I ever have and I must admit I do love a pair. From following Dr Eric Berg I have introduced sea salt and black pepper more into my foods and Turmeric which is amazing for you. I have tried the black coffee with butter, which is not as bad as you may think. I have been having loads of eggs either poached or scrambled but once the white has started to cook to keep in the goodness and benefits of them. I have been taking Omega 3 tablets every morning and B1 vitamin every evening and I have also introduced a few tea spoons of Olive oil every day. Yesterday I went out and purchased a bottle of apple cider vinegar and took a cap fully diluted in a glass of water. It was tangy but nothing too bad. I have continued to miss out on the sugar and all my drinks are usually warm water with honey and lemon or Tea with honey.

Current condition, thinking, work & lifestyle:

I will start by saying I can tell a difference already and I’m not just saying that. The scales are saying it, my belly is saying it, my acid indigestion is saying it, my energy levels are saying it and also my clearness of mind is saying it. Now that might sound a little much after only two weeks but the fact is the scales are saying 16 stone and 8 pounds and a work colleague asked me during the week if I had lost weight, he said he could tell. My stomach no longer feels bloated and uncomfortable, yes it's still big but that's because I'm several stone over weight but this is different. This week just gone, my energy levels have increased ten fold, even to a point where on Tuesday I needed to walk around the carpark and even broke into a small jog. I honestly felt like I just needed to start moving. On Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday I was back in my work gear and I have been shifting materials and cleaning up the work site and I mean all day from 8am till gone 4pm, my body is sore and aching but that is understandable and a few soaks in the bath with salts has done wonders. In last week's Motivation Monday video I stated that I planned to make changes around the offices to incorporate the new Drake Michigan studio and I got to work on this. The new containers have arrived, the side of the building has been scraped down and revelled with a new surface. I have got well stuck in to emptying the room I plan to use for the studio and I have the work lad’s booked in this week to get cracking on doing new walls, floors and ceilings as well as a new kitchen area in the back room of the building.

Work wise: it's been quite a settled week with no drama, a few of the jobs have reached their conclusion which is always great, Jan and Feb are never the busiest of months for new work coming in but we have still had more than enough inquiries to suggest that all is well.

The Drake Michigan project: continues to grow in both activity and numbers. It’s hard to judge where we are at the moment because it is a totally new project and environment that is alien to me and everyday seems to throw up different feelings and emotions. On the one hand the podcast does not seem that big of audience and reach at the moment but then if you were to have asked me less than three months ago would I be happy with averaging two hundred views a week I think I would have ripped your hand off. The same with the Facebook community group in one breath it looks good that it is up to over five hundred members but then on the other hand I would say only around fifteen to twenty people regularly participate which is very poor. Ultimately these things take time and we have to find our path in what it is we intend the Drake Michigan platform to be and how we build it into a success. I have purchased the new green screen for media production, hair wigs for taking the piss while we do News with in the News, the new studio room is underway of its development, new uniform clothing branding the Drake Michigan logo is due any day and we should soon start to see the influence of new team members, so lots happening but for what yet is to be revealed a little like ‘Michigan’.

Spiritual stuff: Nothing has been happening in this area, I have not consciously tried to do anything, I have been up to other things but I would be lying if I said anything has happened either. The bottom line is when it comes to the spiritual stuff I’m not sure if or how that plays a role, it may easily end up being the biggest part of the Drake Michigan project but it could also end up not being relevant at all, I really don't know. When it comes to the spiritual stuff I'm happy for things to unfold as natural as they need to, like I have said previously I’m in no rush to give half soaked communication and messages or worse sit there eyes closed and nothing is happening. What will be will be, at the speed we are pushing things we will soon find out if it's right and is intended to have a more meaningful purpose, or whether we are just putting time, money and energy into something that we just enjoy and are interested in.

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