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Health, Fitness, Work and Lifestyle Blog (part 5)

Current details:

Age: 45

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 16.10 stone/lbs.

Daily: Meditation, Affirmations & Visualisations:

I have been doing these every day this week, I have been seeing myself happy, healthy walking on the beach, nice body and even a full head of hair (well I’ve got to try). Anthony has put together the first of our meditation audios on

And I have been spending time relaxing and doing this and it has felt really nice. I have also been talking lovingly to myself like I love my heart, I love my body, I love my Liver ect.

Medication: Inhalers, Laprozol, Nail treatment lotion, nasal sprays.

I have not needed any ant-acid medication this week at all. And I don't recall using the inhalers if I have it once or twice but It may not have even been that. The nail treatment is working really well, I have been putting that on daily after a shower and the results are there to see. I have not been using the nasal sprays as nothing was working, I'm going to try a more natural remedy this week and see how that goes.

Food: I’ve added a new section this week called food so I can share what I have introduced and cut out. The biggest replacement I have made is Tea and coffee. I have replaced these nearly completely with a cup of warm honey and lemon or the occasional cup of tea I have had with honey also. This would have resulted in cutting out so much sugar in my lifestyle as I used to have two sugars in a brew and I would have over ten brews a day easily. I have also removed sugar from my cereal and I have reduced carb intake overall so sugar intake should be massively reduced. I have enjoyed several pieces of fruit over the week and I must say pears, when soft and juicy, are absolutely beautiful. The creator of this world really is perfection and supplied everything in abundance for everyone. Following Dr Eric Berg's videos I have also upped my egg intake. I enjoyed fresh cooked salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and eggs one day. Steak and eggs also have so many healthy benefits. I have also gone out and purchased the No1 super food that is sauerkraut and I've had a few mouthfuls of that.

The biggest thing I started this week is the Liver flush. This involves blueberries, Kale, water and Kefir all blended up into a smoothie, it tastes ok if I'm honest and the results seem to be happening, my stomach is less bloated and less acid reflux. A word of warning though I would not trust a FART, it’s called a Liver flush for a reason.

Current condition, thinking, work & lifestyle:

If the previous week was my worst week of the year to date then this last week has to be my best and most positive. The week started with our great podcast guest Adam White

Which involved looking at our blood and the power of words and water upon ourselves and in life. Not only was it to be a fantastic podcast but it was to be a big kick up the ass and wake up call for myself. I knew I needed to make changes in my health and lifestyle hence why I started this blog but I also know I was not making the required changes and action needed to see real results. My bloods indicated that I was not healthy in certain areas, lacking in white blood cells, too much stress and too many toxins and even indications of issues with major organs. Seeing it this way really hit home hard and like Adam explained to us the power of words are so important because spellcasting and being spellbound really is powerful. I began to take action straight away but the human mind clings to the negative words spoken so tightly and I spent a few days overthinking which is exactly what we explain in the podcast about being contracted to the power of the words. Is there any wonder why people come away from hearing bad news at the doctors or hospital and just go down hill? The same can be said about the news and media and also negative people, words are so powerful and the last thing anyone needs is an overload of fear so let's turn that shit off, go for a walk in nature and surround yourself with positive people give your brain and body a rest from the bad and let it feel the good.

The results from the changes I have made this week have been fantastic, firstly on the scales, a six pound drop from 17.3 to 16.10 is a great start. My stomach is feeling and looking so different already, it is normally extended and hard to the touch and made me feel very uncomfortable whereas now it feels more wobbly and flatter. The side effects have been minimal; a few close judgment calls between a fart and a lavatory visit have had to be made but nothing major. Without being too vulgar but sharing the process Its been like I have been flushing out the gas, bile and badness that is not supposed to be there. Regarding my hair I know it's a long shot but there are some out there natural remedies to try and mother earth does supply all we need for every ailment. One recommendation is onion water and green tea water applied to the head, so if you see me with a head full of hair over the next six to twelve months then you know why. This coming week I'm going to look into some natural remedies for sinus unblocking so I will let you know how that goes.

I also want to draw your attention to what my original affirmation list was in Blog one:

Throughout the day I will try to repeat this mantra.

I am improving my health and fitness on a daily basis.

I am learning new knowledge about health and nutrition regularly.

I am making the correct changes to become the best possible version of myself.

Now without me even realizing and putting any real effort towards it apart from sending out my wishes to the universe look what has happened. A guest has come on to the show, nothing to do with me that at all, he brings information and knowledge to the table so now i'm learning more about health and nutrition unexpectedly from that I am making massive changes to my diet and lifestyle which mean i will be improving my health and fitness on a daily basis and become the best possible version of myself. Now that is how the law of attraction works at its finest, I have moved into a space where things are possible, things have aligned and now my thoughts and wishes have become a reality. I now have the opportunity and freedom of choice to capitalize on this manifestation but it has been presented to me and for that I am grateful, thankyou universe.

On a separate note I traveled to Manchester last week to play poker, I went through all the emotions as usual and said I'm not doing this anything in fact I'm not doing anything any more I'm done, why can things not go my way when I'm at the poker tournaments. And after reflection the next day and emotions have gone I know the answer is learn and become better and also the game involves a nice slice of luck at certain times. But on this occasion I have come to the decision that I must put what I love doing on hold for now, not stop just putting it on hold so I can concentrate on other things like spending more time with my partner and to continue the Drake Michigan project. Poker can be a very expensive side hobby and can also leave your emotions all over the place and just like playing the online slots which I also love but stopped playing over three months ago the negative feelings, emotions and money expenditure is not sustainable if I want to spend and push other areas of my life. I'm sure my partner and others may see that as a good thing from their perspective but It’s also important note that when you stop doing all the things that you enjoy and love that fill a part of the self can lead to resentment and frustration. So for now the poker is on hold to give other things the best chance of success but I am not going to say I'm happy about it so let's see how things unfold.

Finally I want to give a shout out to my son Owen who turned eighteen on Friday. Owen is such a wonderful young man, I'm sure any parent would be proud off. He is sensitive when needed but is also strong when dealing with negative and difficult situations. While enjoying the material pleasures of this world like any other young man his age he is also able to listen, take onboard and reject all the information that is all around him at present. Being balanced and humble while also having desire, drive and belief is a fantastic quality and I think God willing he is going to do great things and have a great life. Happy Birthday Son.

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