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Health, Fitness, Work and Lifestyle Blog (part 5)

Current details:

Age: 45

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 17.3 stone/lbs.

Daily Affirmations & Visualisations:

I have to say I have not been doing these this week and I don't have much excuse. Maybe it's because I'm spending most of my days around the Drake Michigan platform talking to others about how to do things and what to do. I'm not finding the time to work on myself. It may be because I see my vision board daily in the office and I'm thinking about stuff all the time and also talking about it so that then I'm not making this a priority.

Medication: Inhalers, Laprozol, Nail treatment lotion, nasal sprays.

I’ve been taking Laprazol and both my inhalers. I've been doing the nail treatment every morning but I have not been bothering with the nasal sprays.

Current condition, thinking, work & lifestyle:

This has certainly been the worst week since the new year and the start of the blog. I have gone back up in weight, I have been eating all types of poor food choices, eating loads of crisps, biscuits and anything I can get my hands on. I've had a few take away coffees as well as a few evening alcoholic drinks. I have done no evening walking and not the slightest bit of exercise and when you combine all that it has shown. Not only are the scales not lying and crying out for me to get off but I have needed my blue inhaler this last week, my stomach is bloated, I've had heartburn and indigestion and I genuinely feel uncomfortable and irritable. Mentally I have had thoughts and feelings of I can not be arsed and wanted to stay in my dressing gown and slob out in front of the TV and make a few excuses.

So let's look at the excuses and reasons. There have been a few issues at work, dealing with staff and awkward situations is never easy. A few of the jobs have had a few setbacks which ultimately only ends up costing me money which is always frustrating, the staff get that money and more while they rectify new found issues, the client has a moan because there is an issue but I work to find a solution so then they all end up happy. Which unfortunately is a hidden part of the building business and probably most businesses which clients and staff do not see and take for granted. They all end up happy and getting what they want and the owner ends up picking up the pieces which is usually the bill. But it's not just the money it cuts deeper than that. It's the personal feelings it leaves but I guess that is all part of having your own business, if you want to experience the positives you have to flow with the negatives. And although at times the negatives seem to outweigh the positives and it can be stressful the truth will always be you can survive on a wage but you can live on profits.

My daughter has also been very poorly the last two weeks which ended up with us spending last Saturday day and evening in the local hospital while she had tests and bloods carried out, she has been recovering all week and we were back at the hospital yesterday to have her bloods taken again and hopefully she will be ok now.

I have found the amount of time I'm looking and replying to people on social media very unproductive, exciting but unproductive. With the whole Drake Michigan project obviously from our end the only results we can go off for all the effort we are making is statistics and figures, so every time there is a new podcast or video we are constantly monitoring the response which is a blockage in itself as it should not matter really, our aim and goal is to create something that we feel is important and if we are correct the rest will take care of itself. Over the last week or so we have been talking and looking at ways to bring new people and energy into the platform so watch this space as that will be very exciting. We also have so much new content coming your way including meditation music, comedy sketch and the new Drake and guests series so lots and lots to look forward to.

I think a little frustration has crept in as to what I want as well, a few things that have happened led to me not going and playing poker which I would of liked so that brings a little disappointment, I'm not sure if, how or when what is happening with my own spiritual gifts if that is what we can call them, stuff is certainly happening but I'm no closer to understanding some of the stuff or have a clear direction or plan if that is going to play a role in anything we are doing. I do have high expectations and I think a lot of my own personal frustration comes about when I don't see progress and results I want or would like and the fact I feel like I’m not doing very much and I could be doing so much more if I knew what I should be doing.

On a positive note as this blog has been quite negative to date, I am hearing some great feedback and stories of community members' experiences. They have been putting in the hard work and making the changes in their lives and they are starting to see those little bits of universal magic that tells them they are on the right path. So if that is from people close to us then past experiences tell me that we will be touching other people's lives further away and it will just be a matter of time before we hear all about it.

I am going to make a big effort this week to get back on track, ultimately this last week or so is just a setback in the bigger journey. After all, what's the alternative? If we are not pushing forward we are declining or worse I could be sitting on the couch in my dressing gown watching TV, eating and drinking crap with no goals and no plans and feeling sorry for myself…The dreaded comfort zone. Take care and have a great week everyone.

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