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Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Blog (part 2)

Current details:

Age: 45

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 16.13 stone/lbs.

Daily Affirmations & Visualisations:

I have been making more of an effort this week with both of these, I would say I have done it more days than I have not this week, I'm certainly trying to make it part of my morning and nightly routine and I know if i continue like this then over the next week or so it will become a regular pattern and then in time a routine.

(see blog one for list of affirmations and visualisations)

Medication: Inhalers, Laprozol, Nail treatment lotion, nasal sprays.

I have picked up a prescription this week from the chemist because i had run out of the laprozol and have took it a few days. I have gone quite a few weeks now without using my blue inhaler and also nights without the purple inhaler. I apply nail lotion every morning but I think it's too early to see any results yet. I have certainly not had as much antacid/gaviscon this week.

Current condition, thinking, work & lifestyle:

Well we are fifteen days into the new year and it's been a steady start, not a fantastic start but by no means awful, the main thing is I'm doing something. This last week was my best week to date. I have avoided all takeaway coffees & food and junk food such as crisps, biscuits and chocolate up until Friday where I succumbed and had a bag of chips for my dinner and then noodles and fried rice from the local chippy for my tea. On the Friday morning I had actually weighed in at 16 stone 11 pounds which I was really happy as it was nice to see the scales showing the 16. I had a lazy day Saturday and today Sunday just watching football and learning seminars and workshops and writing up this blog and the foundations for success episode three attitude. One thing I did do on Saturday though was pop out with Joanne to the local farm shop which is called Taylors farm shop. and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, it is only around the corner from me but I have never been before, probably due to old poor thinking, poverty thinking and poor attitude to my health. The quality of the fresh fruit, veg, meat and poultry on display was stunning, it makes the stuff on the supermarket shelves look second rate. We ended up with a trolly full of fresh produce, and I can already recommend the homemade sausage rolls, sausages and bread. The color, size and freshness of the fruit is something else and I will be getting stuck into that this week as a good healthy snack. It's still very early to notice any significant change in my condition but I do know mentally I feel a bit lighter and better just on the basis of the fact I'm doing a little. I have noticed I have been rarely using my night time inhaler and I have not used the daily blue one for several weeks. Now whether this is connected to my affirmations or making a few changes I don't know but my breathing has been better and long may that continue. I went to Boots chemist last weekend and ended up spending over £100 on what seemed like nothing but I wanted to give things a try. I purchased nose cleaning fluid spray and nasal congestion spray, I purchased bath salts for a relaxing bath, nail fungal lotion, aloe vera toothpaste, I will see how they all go but treating an issue after the fact certainly is expensive so take note look after yourself in the first place so you don't need treatment products. My thinking this week has been a little low if I'm honest, I don't feel like I'm being productive enough, I feel like I could be helping and serving more people, I've allowed little negative thoughts of the progress we are making with Drake Michigan affect me and constantly looking at social media and growth figures is certainly not healthy. I don't even know why it may bother me as there is no pressure on the Drake Michigan platform to produce anything, but I think it's in my nature to want to see massive gains and progression in things but I also know things are in perfect timing and things will unfold and grow as they need to. In other areas of work there were one or two little issues to deal with but what was good to see was instead of me reacting to a situation I sat back for 24 to 48 hours and let things unfold naturally and there was no need for any action. Other areas of work are very positive, new work confirmed and lots of new work leads coming in. I think the introduction of new staff will be happening very soon as there is massive room for growth within all the companies and the amount of working coming in is too much for the current set of staff. Lifestyle wise I need to introduce exercise, I have still not got round to daily walks and to start to see the results I require this needs to be implemented. Monday we had our first guest of the year on the podcast and I have started to meet members of the Drake Michigan community in person which has been really enjoyable as well. We went looking at potential new headquarters that ticked a lot of boxes but I don't think its the place so the search continues.

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