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Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Blog (part 1)

Current details:

Age: 45

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 17.6 stone.

Daily Affirmations:

Throughout the day I will try to repeat this mantra.

I am improving my health and fitness on a daily basis.

I am learning new knowledge about health and nutrition regularly.

I am making the correct changes to become the best possible version of myself.

Daily Visualisation:

First thing in the morning and just before sleep.

I will see myself walking on the beach with my family looking and feeling great.

I will see the weighing scales saying 14 stone, I will see myself running and lifting weights with ease.

I will see myself eating fantastic healthy meals.

Medication: Inhalers, Laprozol

Current condition, thinking & lifestyle:


I’m currently overweight, I suffer from fatty liver, stomach bloating and achy legs at times. I get easily out of breath requiring my inhalers regularly, I take far too much antacid medication like gaviscon. I seem to have intolerance to bread and gluten products and dairy but still eat and drink far too much of them.


I do not feel happy about my size, up until several years back I had always been fit and healthy. Trying on clothes makes me feel unhappy and uncomfortable, weight around my neck has an effect on my breathing. I snore more now that I'm overweight and do not feel like I get a good night's sleep overall. I regularly feel sluggish and tired which results in napping at times.


I do not currently do any exercise or activities. A typical day will be up around 7.30am to 8am, cup of tea with sugar, leave home around 8.30am for work and no breakfast. I will pick up a takeaway coffee/latte regularly while out driving and drink several hot drinks of tea or coffee if in the office. I do not usually eat much throughout the day but if any of the other team members are picking up a breakfast sandwich or dinner It's not often I say no. I go home around 6pm and usually the first thing I do is grab anything easy that I can put my hands on, usually crisps, biscuits or cheese while my evening meal is cooking. My evening meal is usually something like chicken and chips or steak and chips or anything and chips. During the evening I will have several more cups of tea and maybe a few packs of crisps. I normally spend my evenings working on projects on the computer and go to bed around 1am. My day to day work can be stressful at times although I personally feel I do deal with stress quite well, at times things can play on my mind or I overthink things.

Targets: I have a fantastic family holiday coming up later this year in August and I am determined to go in good shape and healthy. My overall weight target is around 13.8 stone to 14 stone, a flatter tummy and less acid indigestion would be welcomed. Regular better night's sleep and more daily productivity would be ideal and dealing with daily issues in a calmer manner is sought after. Spending more quality time with my partner and kids and doing more pleasure time activities is also required. I would like to include exercise and meditation into my daily routine.

Changes: I need to start cutting out sugar, bread and dairy. The first and easiest thing will be the sugar in my hot drinks, I don't like the taste of gluten free bread so will have to explore options here. I will replace milk with a lactose free product. I aim to cut out crisps, chocolate, biscuits and alcohol completely and start to include more water into my day. I aim to start going to bed before 11pm, ideally 10pm but see how that goes and set my alarm for 6.30am. In the morning I can look to complete 10 to 20 minutes of stretching and work with a set of weights/dumbbells before showering and getting ready, I also need to look into a healthy breakfast to start the day, possibly gluten free porridge. During the day I will look to take or purchase soup or fruit for my lunch and also look to fit in a short 15 to 30 minute walk. When arriving home I will look to not eat junk food before my evening meal and look to replace the chips with a more healthy option. I will look to explore better meals. I will also look not to eat and drink anything after around 8 to 9pm except water. Each evening I will look to go for a walk for around one hour with my partner. While walking we can catch up on any daily stuff. I will be looking to fit in short periods of meditation into my day, at this stage I’m not sure where but it's in my thoughts.

As I begin this new routine I will make adjustments as necessary, I will look into better exercise techniques, food alternatives, better fluids to drink, ways to improve sleep and just become better in general. I will keep a weekly blog of progress to share with everyone and hopefully this will keep me on track and push me towards my first set of goals. I also look forward to you sharing your expert and general advice and also your progress in related matters.

Who’s all In? Let's do this, It’s Time.

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