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Purchase iTeraCare products at Drake Michigan

Prife is short for PRIme liFE

It symbolises Quality of Life for our partners and their association with the range of products from Prife. The company, based in Malaysia, uses scientific principles to create healthcare products for use at home. These products are part of the new energy medicine movement that represents the future of healthcare.

Run your own business by becoming an authorised distributor with Prife International and able to sell worldwide. 

Earn great commissions for helping people!

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The Frequency Alchemist

Meet Debra Sofia Magdalene  

'Debra is excited to introduce you to a range of innovative, effective and simple-to-use products that harness the power of physics to help your whole family improve their health and quality of life.


Debra is an authorised distributor with Prife International and able to sell worldwide. All our devices are from Prife Int’l and country stockists.

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iTeraCare Devices
7 Wonders Water Bottle

IonShield (ioniser pendant)

If you are looking to purchase one of these amazing products, simply contact Debra with the details below.



If you're looking for an awesome business opportunity, we are looking for distributors to meet the high demand for these products.


To contact Debra Sofia Magdalene, please email her directly.

To learn more, please head over to her website, please do mention Drake Michigan to Debra if you do contact her.

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