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CR8 Your Dreams
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Create Your Dreams - Law of Attraction Seminars
Create Your Dreams | Law of Attraction Seminars


Situated amidst the enchanting Barton and Manor Hotel in Preston, Drake Michigan embarks on its inaugural destination of the 2023 Northwest tour featuring these remarkable life-transforming seminars!


We invite you to join us in the journey of uncovering the barriers from your past that have held you back from living the life of your dreams – the life you were destined for. These are the ingrained mindset patterns imposed upon you by external influences, shaping your conscious beliefs, quietly nurtured by your subconscious without your awareness.


Discover how to unlock and confront past adversities and gain new skills to propel yourself forward in life, all while understanding the principles of the law of attraction. Kevin, our guide, shares his awe-inspiring personal narrative of how he harnessed the universal energy of the law of attraction to revolutionize his own life. Drake Michigan serves as a platform dedicated to equipping others with the tools for self-mastery.


Our primary goal is to raise awareness about manifestation through proactive strategies that not only empower participants but also impart methods to overcome self-imposed limitations. It is a safe haven for individuals to explore without judgment.


Drake Michigan offers a world where people are free to discover themselves and learn strategies that enable them to lead a life they have always desired or, in some cases, didn't even realize they wanted until now. This journey is founded on concrete methods and strategies, encompassing mindset techniques, self-love coaching, health coaching, business coaching, and social coaching.


In a world that often celebrates perfection and stigmatizes failure, we aim to unravel and reevaluate the truth about perfection and embrace failure as a positive force. Once you embark on the Drake Michigan journey, you will realize what you have always yearned for and where you truly belong. Happiness, health, wealth, and love – we recognize that everyone's journey is personal, and we are here to accompany you on yours. While our journey may have commenced a bit earlier, we too are on the path of self-mastery.


Over the next few years Kevin is making his way across the UK to various towns and cities. 


View our event calendar to see when and where our next seminar is located!

Create your Dreams Seminar at Barton Manor in Preston

NorthWest Tour 2023

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